Installation problem with Linux


I´m new to VTK, I will mostly use it for simulations with LIGGGHTS and I encountered a few problems when installing it. It seems that when compiling LIGGGHTS, no “Major” version of VTK is found. The weird thing is that in every tutorial for the installation of vtk it is said that at the end of building it, you should find the executables in the bin directory. In the ccmake configuration the directory for executables is actually set elsewhere, but I cannot find ANY executables in any of those two places.
Does anyone know or could anyone guess what the problem is? I already tried the same thing two times, exactly following the documentation.

Thanks for your help

VTK is a C++ library, so there is not executable per se.

What are you trying to do ?
What did you achieve ?
What is not working ?
Is there an error message ?

Ok, that makes some more sense now.

  Actually the reason i wasn´t sure about the installation status

was that the LIGGGHTS compiling couldn´t find VTK. It seems I have
taken care of that problem for now, but now the LIGGGHTS compiling
process stops because of some other reason:

  Could not compile VTK example with

VTK_INC="-I/usr/local/include/vtk-8.2", VTK_LIB="-L/usr/local/lib"
and VTK_ADDLIBS=" -lvtkCommonCore-8.2 -lvtkIOCore-8.2
-lvtkIOXML-8.2 -lvtkIOLegacy-8.2 -lvtkIOImage-8.2
-lvtkCommonDataModel-8.2 -lvtkIOParallelXML-8.2
-lvtkParallelCore-8.2 -lvtkParallelMPI-8.2
-lvtkCommonExecutionModel-8.2 -lvtkFiltersCore-8.2 -lvtksys-8.2
-lvtkCommonMisc-8.2 -lvtkCommonTransforms-8.2 -lvtkCommonMath-8.2
-lvtkIOXMLParser-8.2 -lvtkCommonSystem-8.2 -lvtkDICOMParser-8.2

  I´m thinking maybe I haven´t set up the ccmake configuration for

VTK the right way. Maybe some module is missing for LIGGGHTS. Do
you know something about this?

Anyway, thanks for the fast reply.

Kind regards

Can you share the error message ?


This is an error with the compilation of LIGGGHTS, the LIGGGHTS dev would be more apt to help you.