Integration of third party DICOM Reader with VTK.

Hello, our company has our own DICOM Reader. (MFC)
This DICOM Reader allows some non-standard DICOM files.
I want to read the DICOM file through this DICOM Reader and pass the PixelData and Image information to the VTK to implement MPR.
MPR example using vtkDICOMImageReader is complete. (;a=tree;f=Examples/GUI/Qt/FourPaneViewer;h=cf9360f7952bcf1b40fb2086fd376303006a4b12;hb=HEAD)

Are there any other examples to use with third-party DICOM Reader?

Thank you.

I know of @dgobbi’s DICOM project here:

I think the OP might be looking for something like vtkImageImport, which is demonstrated in the following example:

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Thank you!! dgobbi!!

Thank you for the feedback.
Resolved from David gobbi’s comment.