Interact with stl model by axes separately

Dear All,
I want to interact (rotate, move) model by axes separately. Only by X for example. And to do it user-friendly for sure.
I found BoxWidget - it is great for scaling, but I didn’t find how to extend it for my needs.
(I want almost the same as in the Cura slicer)
Share the possibilities or ideas for the easiest way, please.
I am using pyVTK.
Thank you!

Did nobody has the same problem?

This is not a widget I’ve experimented with myself (and there’s no example for this particular class and I’m new to vtk) but I believe the vtkAxesTransformWidget appears to be what you’re looking for:

I basically found it by inspecting the vtkInteractorObserver hierarchy:

where a whole bunch of interactor observers are listed.

I can’t say for sure that this will resolve your issue / meet your needs, but hopefully it does and if so I’d be interested to know.

Thank you! I will check and let you know here.