Internal compiler error and cannot open input file named vtkioss-9.2.lib on windows

I am compiling VTK on the window10 machine, and have encountered several problems. [Environment: window10, vs2022, cmake]

1.Internal compiler error.

Severity	Code	Description	Project	File	Line	Suppression State
Error	C1001	Internal compiler error.	ioss	D:\software\tool\vtk\VTK-9.2.6\ThirdParty\fmt\vtkfmt\vtkfmt\ostream.h	34	

2.cannot open input file named vtkioss-9.2.lib.

Severity	Code	Description	Project	File	Line	Suppression State
Error	LNK1181	cannot open input file '..\..\lib\Release\vtkioss-9.2.lib'	IOIOSS	D:\software\tool\vtk\VTK_build\IO\IOSS\LINK	1	

Can you help me? Thank you!

You may want to try buidling with ninja instead of vs directly, if that helps.

thanks for your reply & help. :heart_eyes: But: There are some errors like:

D:\software\tool\vtk\VTK-9.2.6\ThirdParty\ioss\vtkioss\Ioss_Region.C(444): warning C4127: 条件表达式是常量
D:\software\tool\vtk\VTK-9.2.6\ThirdParty\fmt\vtkfmt\vtkfmt/ostream.h(34): fatal error C1001: 内部编译器错误。

after When i do:

cmake -G "Ninja" D:\software\tool\vtk\VTK-9.2.6
cmake --build .

what should i do ? :joy:

I am also experiencing this error. Only started happening after updating to latest VS2022 v143 compiler package.

Edit: I was able to workaround by disabling the compilation of the IOSS module.

Wow, thanks a lot for your reply and help, I have now solved these issues, i.e. the compilation is successful.
And thanks for contributing! @mwestphal @adamrankin :handshake: