Internal Compiler Error building vtk on Windows


I am building vtk from git clone on Windows using VS2017 and I’m getting a ‘C1001 - An internal compiler error has occurred in the compiler’ error in tracer.hpp while building the IOMotionFX project.

The error is in line 212 of tracer.hpp (*** below)

template< template< typename... > class Action, typename Iterator, typename Input, typename... States >
            static auto apply( const Iterator& begin, const Input& in, States&&... st )
               ***-> decltype( Base< Rule >::template apply< Action >( begin, in, st... ) )***
               std::cerr << in.position() << "  apply  " << internal::demangle< Rule >() << std::endl;
               return Base< Rule >::template apply< Action >( begin, in, st... );

Any ideas on how to solve this problem?

Thanks in advance,


Cc: @utkarshayachit @RobertMaynard

Interesting. I will see if I can reproduce.

Can you provide the exact VS2017 version you are using @scotsman60

So it looks like this was an issue in pegtl that was fixed in the 2.8.0 release. This release was brought into into VTK by MR #5627 (

Your best bet it is to apply that set of changes to your VTK 8.2 release ( I presume ) or use VTK master

Robert - I’m using VS2017 15.5.4

Thanks Robert.

I’m pretty sure it’s a clone of VTK master from last week that I’m working on. I’ll pull the latest and check.


@RobertMaynard - I just rebuilt using the VTK master branch and experienced the same compiler error.

I’ll take a look at the merge you identified next - however I’m wondering if I’m the only one experiencing this problem or not…


We have VS 2015 test machines, but I am not seeing any 2017 or 2019 testers. @Dave_DeMarle Is that correct?

We are only testing 2015 currently on vtk via the machine named “mun”.
At the ParaView level “tylo” also tests 2015 but “nemesis” adds a 2019 builder.