intersection two stl

Hello beloveds How to find out if two stl files collided or collapsed in vtk with python But I don’t want to use the vtkcollisiondetectionfilter class, is there any other way?

What’s the reason you do not want to use that class?

Because vtk I installed doesn’t know it and when I build vtk with visuall studio I still have problems not knowing what to do

Ok, then please go back to the original discussion about this and provide more details about the steps you did and errors you encountered.

The steps I did were as follows:

  1. downloaded vtk
  2. Installed cmake
  3. installed the Python Tool for Visual Studio 2015
  4. Run configure and generate
  5. all build did in the visuall studio
    But it still doesn’t know vtk and can’t run it visuall studio

Hello ANDRAS, plz
how can I contact you, I need your help thank you

You can write here on discourse. For general support, I much prefer discussion in public forum topics, but discourse allows sending private messages, too.

Probably you need to enable Python wrapping when you configure VTK in CMake. Installing Python Tools for Visual Studio is not necessary.

If you have trouble building VTK then one option is to just wait for new VTK binaries to show up on PyPI, since vtkCollisionDetectionFilter is not part of VTK core. If you want a Python environment where vtkCollisionDetectionFilter class is available now, then you can install 3D Slicer and install SlicerRT extension. For example, start Slicer, hit Ctrl-3 to see Python console, and type this to instantiate a collision detection filter:

import vtkSlicerRtCommonPython
collisionDetector = vtkSlicerRtCommonPython.vtkCollisionDetectionFilter()