Is it possible to change lines join type

Hi everyone,

The title says it all. Take this example : and insert this line of code after line 68

Build & run the example, you will see that there is a gap between lines.

When using solely Qt to draw the same thing, such a gap doesn’t exist (there’s 3 type of pen joins : Round, Bevel and Mitter according to this example

Does VTK offer something to set the join type between lines ?


All SetLineWidth is doing is setting the width of each segment in screen units. Even with the default line width of 1, if you zoom in, you will see a slight discontinuity. This is because the lines forming the object are discrete not continuous. So the short answer is that there are no pen joins in VTK.

However, you could try vtkImplicitModeller as in Hello.
And you will get a result something like this:

Thanks for the reply.