is there any good tutorial how to use QML+VTK with visual studio

I could not figure out a good way to setup this in visual studio 2022.
Ideally, I would like to use vs2022 to edit and debug the code and use qtcreator to edit and live preview qml file. Appreciate if someone could help to point out how to do this. Thank!

tried a github project QuickVtk, and it always fails to build with the message, why would this happen

D:\zqt\QuickVtk-master\src\Lib\Vtk\Viewer\quickVtkFboOffscreenWindow.hpp(6,10): error C1083: Cannot open include file: ‘vtkExternalOpenGLRenderWindow.h’: No such file

vtkExternalOpenGLRenderWindow comes with the VTK RenderingExternal module that is not enabled by default IIRC. Enabling it in VTK’s CMake configuration should fix the issue.
AFAIK QuickVtk is not an official project maintained by Kitware, you should rather give a try to the official VTK example:

Thanks Lucas, now I am able to build QTQuickCone and some other examples with Cmake and visual studio. will check issues with vtkExternalOpenGLRenderWindow.h later.