Issue with the latest AMD Radeon Driver

After windows update installed the latest AMD Radeon Driver for my Radeon Pro W5500 graphic card
my renderer went all black, so I needed to roll back my driver to the older version.
Anyone have an idea how to resolve the problem
Note: I’m using VTK ActiViz libraries version 9.2.2023.328
Any insight would be much appreciated


It would help to understand the issue if you could provide details of your rendering pipeline. Which mappers, actors, property settings etc.?

It’s not about rendering pipeline, renderer is not displaying anything, I can’t change even the renderer background color. I think problem is much deeper than constructing simple rendering pipeline and showing the actor.

I see. Do you see any errors? It could be that there are failures in the graphics context initialization. To narrow it down to a vtk graphics issue - could you try paraview on that machine? Based on what you see, it should tell us whether the issue stems from how VTK initializes the context or if it is rooted in ActiViz.

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Thanks for the tip, I was thinking on the same line, but never tested it before. It turns out that Paraview is working OK, there must be something else going on with my application, I’ll investigate more to check if this is Activiz problem or my application.

Maybe you are running into the same FXAA issue I experienced recently?

Ah, thanks for pointer, I didn’t know where to start. I’ll try testing over the weekend, will post what I found.

OK, here is what I found out:
I needed to turn off FXAA in order my application to work. Not sure why is not working with latest drivers 2022/2023.
Using older driver released in 2021 didn’t have any issues.

Thanks again for help

Hi, was there any other solution rather than disabling FXAA? Was the bug found? We’re seeing something similar recently on a PC with an AMD card. VTK 9.2.6.

Not that I’m aware of. Didn’t research subject any further and meanwhile I switched to NVIDIA
Though I’m still keeping FXAA because of my users.
Sorry but not help here.

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