Issue with VTK 9.0.2 - vtk DICOM reader and viewer2


I’m newbie with Qt and VTK.

Here my task is to display dicom image in Qt desktop GUI application.

Qt version 5.12
Vtk version 9.0.2
Window 10, VS 16 2017

I have tried with VTK example of ReadDicomseriesQt, When I have trying to build it throws the error which mentioned below.

QVTKWidget.h is not found and when tried to read dicom file using vtkdicom reader my Qt application gets crash.

Importantly - I couldn’t find any other documentation or clear example on net, mostly it’s all outdated.

Please help me in this.


I cannot help with debugging this issue, but I would recommend to consider using one of the open-source medical image visualization frameworks, such as 3D Slicer or MITK. These frameworks are developed specifically to make it easy to create new, custom applications. You don’t have to worry about implementing basic features, such as DICOM reading or 2D/3D display, but you can just focus on adding the features that are specific to your application.

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Thanks for your support Andras.

I will try, what you have suggested.