Issue with vtkActor in different screen sizes

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I am currently facing an issue while using vtkActor. The problem is that the actor is not clearly visible on different screen sizes. For instance, when viewed from a distance, it appears to be broken or fragmented. I am using a regular vtkActor and not the optimized version.

Is there a way to keep the actor’s thickness consistent across different screen sizes? I have tried adjusting the line width, but it doesn’t seem to have any effect.

Can anyone suggest a solution to this issue?

As shown in the figure below, when it zooms in to the maximum of screen, and you will find that it has a very clear surface actually .



Is there a reason for it being so thin? Very thin objects expectedly disappear in the distance. Maybe you want a polyline instead of a surface. A line will be rendered with the given thickness in pixels regardless of distance/zoom level.



I am using glsl shader to clip the surface in fact.
So, it must should be a mesh poly. I think that property of polyline is also comes from shader?
If it is true, do you have any idea to ensure the thickness using glsl?


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There’s no need to use shaders to draw a polygonal line, unless you want some fancy effect. Please, take a look at this example on how to render polylines:



Yes, but what I mean is that when render a line, it may use some kind of rendering method (like shader) in the source code to maintains the thickness of the displayed lines. And it may also useful in this scenario?
I have to use shader here to extract the polyline, which is much faster than vtkCutter.

Which shader are you customizing? Vertex, geometry or fragment?

The fragment, I discard the data when they are not in the plane.

I think it would be useful if we customize the geometry shader?
maybe we can calculate the distance between vert & camera position and then add some stuffs onto the vertex?

But honestly, as a shader beginner, I don’t know how to write it, and I failed to find examples related to vtk geometry shader. Do you have any relevant examples or suggestions? Maybe I can just use the geometry shader to make a line thicker.

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None that I’m aware of. The geometry shader is the last step in the rendering pipeline that sees vectorized geometry. I guess you can start by googling “geometry shader example” to try to find something that suits your need. I also recommend reading some GLSL primer, cookbook or short course (e.g. Udemy).

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I’d search for “geometry shader cross section” or “geometry shader intersection”.

Here’s an example: algorithm - How to Render Cross Section without Slicing the Mesh Geometry? - Stack Overflow

“Geometry shader boolean operation” may also bring you something to start from.