Labels in VTK js for annotations in image slice

Hi all,
Is there any way to add annotations using vtkLabelWidget (or something else) which will work in a way that annotation is visible only on a particular slice? More precisely, is it possible to “attach” label to a point or voxel (using ijk coords), so that annotation would be visible in each direction (sagittal, coronal, axial) if slice contains this voxel.
Best and thank you

Hi Andrzej, we currently don’t have a vtkLabelWidget in vtk.js. We do have a way to map 3D coordinates to screen space, as seen in this example with labels.

There is some work similar in scope, e.g. placing landmarks. You can check out the vtk.js PolyLine Widget for an example widget that places points in the scene. Something like that could be modified to restrict points to a slice, and then you’ll have to write logic to hide labels that aren’t on the current slice.