for QtCreator talks about the qt creator plugin. I can’t seem to find it when I build with QT5 enabled. Is the QtSetup webpage out of date or have I missed something during my build?

deprecated and removed in 9.1.

The wiki is very much outdated a this point.

Okay. So how do I get QtCreator to see the VTK stuff?

Adding it manually in the .ui works great.

I don’t use .ui files. Is there an example?

There are lots of Qt based examples in VTK/Examples

I’ve looked at these 4. The ui files are generally the result of using the Qt Designer crutch. This doesn’t show me how to replicate what the plugin did for Qt Creator.

You can use Qt desginer and then put whatever widgets you want in the .ui.

Hello, Roger,

I think you’re better off by using the “promoting widget” mechanism of Qt Creator/Designer. That is discussed here: Run VTK example in Qt - #4 by kerim . Though, for VTK 9.1, the class is QVTKOpenGLNativeWidget.

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