Linear Algebra Application with VTK: Warps and Morphs

Hi all,

I am reading Linear Algebra book and I am wondering, is VTK capable of doing warps and morphs? The example is attached (a picture of a projection how someone will get old).

Anyone ever done similar thing here?

Which examples in VTK that could be used / modified to achieve the Warps and Morphs of someone’s picture?

It is said that “Distorting various pieces of an image in different ways is a more complicated procedure that results in a warp of the picture.”


" warping two different images in complementary ways and blending the warps results in a morph of the two pictures"

Yes, VTK can warp both images an meshes in 2D and 3D, for example using landmarks and then you can morph them by computing weighted average of both the transform and image intensities.

VTK cannot compute the transform automatically, but it can compute it from manually defined landmarks. If you need automatic registration then you can use ITK, Elastix, ANTs, etc. for medical images. For other kind of images (e.g., for human face in 2D photos) there are other specialized software.