Lines -> Polylines -> Polygons

Maybe this is just a naming question, but what I want to achieve is:

  • Read some linear data that are either already polylines, but maybe also just line segments with common end points that need to be joined first.

  • Convert the polylines to polygons - just ignoring the possibility that start and end point may not coincide (meaning that a line segment would be inserted implicitly)

I know that the opposit functionality, i.e. cutting polyline into line segments, or “higher grade surfaces” into triangles etc. is done with the “vtkTriangulate” filter - which is also not a case of “intuitive naming”, but very handy if you need such operations! So I am asking whether such things already exist.

If not I see not a big problem writing such a filter myself, but why reinvent wheels?

vtkStripper with the JoinContiguousSegments flag set to on should do this.

Try vtkContourTriangulator.

Many thanks: looks promising!