Looping and Scatter/Gather - mapping to VTK pipeline


I am trying to map a couple use cases I have come across in my work and how I can map them to VTK

Case 1 : Looping range of parameter(s) [Film/VFX/Animation related]

I have an vtkAlgorithm which takes an input (e.g. mesh) and 1 or more parameters, this vtkAlgorithm generate another mesh as output. I want to be able cycle through each of the parameters at certain interval to exercise them all to see all the possible mesh outcome.

Yes, I can write loop(s) to do that but was wondering if there are some VTK ways to do it which may be more scalable when moving the workload to an MPI cluster

Case 2 : Scatter output to different pipeline [Bioinformatics related]

I have a vtkAlgorithm which output a mesh which I’d like to process it with different vtk pipeline which I have, is there some mechanism to register a vtk pipeline via name or id so that I can refer to them easily for passing information to them to process

Is there some vtk class/node which can act as a barrier/gather which only returns when all the expected inputs have arrived ?