LSDynaReader Fails on ALE D3PLOT Files

Hello all,

I am trying to load LS-DYNA D3PLOT files from Arbitrary Lagrangian-Eulerian (ALE) and Structured Arbitrary Lagrangian-Eulerian (S-ALE) simulations into VTK data structures. However, it seems that the LSDynaReader often fails on the D3PLOT files output from these simulations. As an example, a recent simulation produced the initial D3PLOT file (named exactly d3plot) and a series of D3PLOT files afterwards (following naming convention d3plotXX). The initial d3plot can be loaded, but trying to load any of the d3plotXX files results in the following error:

Any guidance would be much appreciated. Thank you!

please share such data

It seems that I cannot upload files, as I am a new user. I was able to replicate the behavior with the Quadrature C example from the LS-DYNA website, which runs in a few seconds. The main d3plot file can be loaded fine (and in ParaView seems to support playback), but the individual d3plotXX files cannot be loaded. It seems that LS-PrePost cannot load the individual d3plotXX files either.

Perhaps this is a case of user error, as the d3plotXX files may only be valid as a series (and not in isolation)?

Now you can :slight_smile: