Maximizing Computational Resources for Surface Reconstruction: Involving Multiple CPU Cores and GPU

Hello everyone,

I am currently working on surface reconstruction using PowerCrust in Remote. However, I’ve encountered an issue where only one CPU core is being utilized for the computations, reaching 100% usage. I’m seeking assistance to make all CPU cores participate in the computations or to involve the GPU in the process. Despite conducting extensive searches, I haven’t found any precise and useful information. Your expertise and guidance would be highly appreciated.

Thank you in advance for your help!

I assume you mean this:

which is not part of the formal VTK distribution. I’d contact the original author(s).

I suspect that it could be threaded using vtkSMPTools, and would likely take a fair amount of work. It’s a valuable algorithm, it would be nice to improve.

BTW, I reread the original paper and I’d very much like to have this algorithm in VTK proper. While this remote implementation of PowerCrust is excellent, as you point out it could benefit from threading; plus I don’t like the GPL license (I prefer permissive) and the code style is inconsistent with VTK’s standard. If this is really important to you, given the effort required to implement a threaded algorithm, we’d have to find a funding source. Of source a support contract with Kitware etc is possible, but other funding ideas are welcome.