Maximum Intensity Projection

I am working on a project to detect cerebral aneurysm using UNET CNN. I am using MRA images in this project. I would need to convert the 3D images into 2D images before feeding it into the neural network or get MIP for the images. How can I use VTK for this

To generate MIP images, you have two options:

  • volume rendering (vtkGPUVolumeRayCastMapper): disable shading, choose MIP blend mode, you can generate hundreds of MIPs per second on a modern GPU
  • thick slab reslicing (vtkImageSlabReslice): it may is slow (may take several seconds to render a single image), but it does not require GPU, runs on any volume size that fits into your RAM, and can accumulate data at higher bit depth than just 8 bits per pixel.