Merging connected coplanar triangles and quads to create a boundary

I have a polyData that has been created from a boolean meshing system. I would like to display the 3d polygons which represent the boundary of a connected set of coplanar triangles and quads. I have looked at vtkFeatureEdge but cannot find a good example of how to perform this.

Any advice or pointers would appreciated.

Did you try turning on feature edges, and setting a small feature angle, something like:


The fussy part will be the feature angles because from your email it’s hard to know what you mean by “co-planar” (within a tolerance etc). BTW this will work only if the mesh is manifold (e.g., interior edges are used by exactly two polygons, boundary edges are used by exactly one polygon, make sure there are no topological gaps/cracks and coincident points etc.)