Merging vtkpolydata and vtkpolydata issue / Add vtkpolydata to vtkpolydata failed / vtkBooleanOperation failed resulting in non-manifold

I am trying to add cone-shaped or triangular pyramid-shaped vtkpolydata fins to vtkpolydata at specific positions in polydata. (like picture below )

I plan to print this stl using 3d print, and I have tried the vtkBooleanfilter, but failed to print due to the non-manifold issue, so I am asking if there is another good method.

My trials-----

Has anyone tried a similar approach?
Any advice or code example would be great. Thank you.

We have updated vtkbool to work with latest VTK master and fixed up its Python wrapping. It works very nicely, both in C++ and Python. It can deal with fairly complex meshes for creating 3D-printable surgical guides:

The modified vtkbool code is available here. We have not pushed our changes back to upstream because we are waiting for @jcfr’s VTK remote infrastructure to be ready. Until it is ready, you can use vtkbool in Slicer’s GUI, or in the virtual Python environment that Slicer provides, or in C++ Slicer modules, or (as a short-term workaround) just copy the files from our repository and use it in your C++ project.

At some point there was also a vtkbool Paraview plugin, but I don’t know if that is still available.

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Thank you very much for your detailed explanation and code.
I’ll try it. Have a nice day!