Mesh edges visible through a thin object - how to remove?

Hi all,

I have a polydata object that is thin in some regions. When I show edges, the edges on the back side of the object are visible. You can see this in the attached image. This does not happen in Paraview, so I assume there is a renderer setting that will fix this.

I have tried using renderer.SetUseHiddenLineRemoval(True) and renderer.ResetCameraClippingRange() but no luck there.

Any suggestions on how to fix this?

Note: I am using VTK 9.0.1 in Python.


I believe this is due to coincident topology resolution. In C++
vtkMapper::SetResolveCoincidentTopologyToOff(); will disable it. However, some of your edges may then disappear. You can counteract this with


You can also adjust the coincident topology settings to match your data better, instead.

Hi Aron,

I tried your suggestion, but unfortunately this did not help. I tried a few of the other mapper coincident topology settings, but nothing seemed to make any difference. Any other suggestions?