Missing jnilib for vtkPanel on macOS?

We’ve been on vtk 6.3 forever, and I’m working on getting us upgraded to vtk 8.1.2. To test things, I’m trying to run some of the examples, and I run into what looks like a missing jnilib link for vtkPanel:

Exception in thread “AWT-EventQueue-0” java.lang.UnsatisfiedLinkError: vtk.vtkPanel.RenderCreate(Lvtk/vtkRenderWindow;)I

Does anyone know in which library vtkPanel should be linking to, and any thoughts as to why it isn’t?


Which platform?

macOS. Built on High Sierra (10.13).

On macOS, vtkPanel won’t work correctly as the Native layer api has changed and does not work anymore with the rendered images. To overcome that issue, JOGL can be used to create the OpenGL context that get then passed into VTK.

How do you run your application? Did you setup DYLD_LIBRARY_PATH? How did you build your VTK?

OK that explains things then - in the past, we’ve used vtkJoglPanelComponent - I wasn’t sure if that approach had changed or not in the more recent versions of VTK.

Is there any plan to update vtkPanel to work with the native layer API on macOS?

I have another question getting our app to run on vtk 8, but will put that in another post, which I’ll make shortly.