mocking in cxx surface rendering with cropping similar to a 3d slicer example

Hi, I am new to vtk and started to learn from the examples and the textbooks since a couple of weeks,

I would like to implement in my current c++ demo something similar to:


I am using surface actors successfully and ACS views containing vtkImagePlaneWidget objects
and currently, I have a an ACS viewer and the fourth view looks like this:

I would appreciate some guidance in order to be able to

  1. Not see the black surrounding of the 2D slices (make these transparent via image scalar opacity or maybe cropped by the head surface?)

  2. Crop the iso-suface head rendering to the 3 planes as in the slicer example upper.
    Would the vtkCutter object be a good start (maybe 3 cutters that would accept vtkImagePlaneWidget planes?)

  3. Optionally, I would appreciate to know where I can find the 3dslicer extension source code allowing the first rendering upper (python or other languages are also fine for me to read from) to see how it’s done and learn more ?

Thanks in advance for any advice on this,