Morphing Algorithms in VTK.

Dear All,

Has VTK, Morphing filters/algorithms embedded or that can be used?


Luís Gonçalves

There are many algorithms in VTK that can be used for “morphing” of various data objects. What would you like to achieve? What kind of objects are you working with?

Hello Andras,
I am also interested in morphing 3D objects using VTK. Could you answer my question? I would like to know if it can be done using VTK libraries for the web.
Thank you.

If vtk.js does not contain all the necessary classes then you can set up a web service that uses VTK for performing the computation.

That sounds like a good idea. Any suggestion on which VTK library can be used on the web service? Also, I would like to display the modifications as they happen. I would need to download/reload the modified obj file from the web service, right? Thanks.

It should be straightforward to implement a web service in any language that VTK is available for. I guess Python would be the easiest, but to you can also use C++, and I think VTK is available also for C# and Java. If course if vtk.js has all the filters then that could be nice, too (then you would not need to do server-side processing and uoload/download data).

I would recommend to first figure out your processing workflow (what filters to use and how, see how robust they are, see if you need any user inputs, etc.) and then get back to the question of how to deploy it.

Thanks for your time answering my questions.