Mouse not working for Fullscreen in SplitViewportHorizontal.

When the render window (vtkRenderWindow()) is both SetStereoTypeToSplitViewportHorizontal() and SetFullScreen(True), I face a weird bug that I cannot use my mouse for any interaction (rotate and zoom) but can use my keyboard for exit and any other interactions that i code. Can someone help me with this?

Application behavior may be completely different if you make the window full-screen. Instead, you may consider resize the window to cover the entire screen.

Note that since VTK supports virtual reality display using any OpenVR-compatible headset, all other stereo display options have become irrelevant for most use cases: who would set up a cave system, use shutter glasses, etc. anymore when you can get a superior VR system, complete with two 6-DOF controllers, for a few hundred dollars?

Thanks for your reply Andras,
Is there a way to fix it by changing source code of vtk and can anyone with it?

Most likely it is fixable, but since nobody else commented on this question, most probably you have to do it (or contract Kitware or someone else to work on it). Again, I would recommend to consider headset-based (virtual reality) solutions, which developers are actually interested in supporting and improving.