Multi 3D textures for OpenGL Mapper

Hello, we created a customized vtkOpenGLPolyDataMapper class and already have one 3D vtkTextureObject with four components(RGBA). For our new feature, we need to use more 3D textures at the same time. From the documentation, I found one function MapDataArrayToMultiTextureAttribute. But it seems only supports vtkTexture and vtkTexture supports only 2d images. Do you have ideas on possible solutions for multi-texturing 3D texture images? Thanks a lot!

If you’re just trying to upload multiple texture objects to the GPU, the only limitation should be the size of texture memory available. You can create as many texture objects as you like.

I don’t think the mapper currently exposes/users glMultiTexCoord but if you’ve already customized the mapper, you should be able to add API to upload multiple texture objects.

Hi actually when initializing different vtkTextureObject and creating a texture from CPU couldn’t upload a different texture to GPU, the last uploaded texture object will just cover the previous one.