Multi vtkRenderWindow Rendering Issues

Hello everyone, I have a question.
I have four vtkRenderWindows, one of which has a timer that helps me continuously render something when I start it. At this point, when I interact with other windows, it will block rendering in the timer. My question is, is it not possible to render multiple windows simultaneously. Or perhaps my design is unreasonable. Should I not use multiple renderwindows?

The way to handle it would be to use 1 render window with many renderer/viewport.

Oh okay, thank you. Actually, I need to layout the four windows or add other controls.

Well I was assuming a contiguous set of “windows” (vtkRenderer) inside a single vtkRenderWindow.
Each vtkRenderer can have specific location within that single vtkRenderWindow.

But that suggestion was just to allow a single render for all your “windows”. This may not work if your “windows” are far apart…

Okay, I’ll think about it again. Thank you very much for your answer!