Multiple Web Browser sections in web-project-templates-master project

Dear All,

In the example web-project-templates-master when are open multiples sections in browsers the resources in the server are replicated each time. (with only one section in the server)

Can the example be configured for a single web browser section? And the last open web browser section takes control?


Luís Gonçalves

Hi Luís,

I’m having trouble understanding your description of the what you want. Is this correct?

You want to have multiple browser sessions which can see a visualization from a server, but only one browser session which can control the visualization.

If this is what you want, it is possible with paraview web. I would recommend building two web clients; one that can only view the visualization, and the other which can control it. Both clients would be configured to connect to the same server.

Is this the problem you are trying to solve?

In this example, I have a server session. When I open in two different browsers (clients) with the same IP and Port the resources in server are replicated (two cone resources. In my case I have more heavy images). Are there some configuration parameters to allow a single client and because of that the resources are not replicated?

I’m still unsure, but it seems you want to have multiple browsers collaborate on the same server resources. Is that right? To share resources in the server, so the clients see and control the same shared visualization, your clients will need to share the same sessionURL. By default, the launcher creates a new session (replicating your heavy images) with a new sessionURL for every client.

Your question helped me uncover a bug which broke shared visualizations, but is now fixed. Thank you! If you are using the vtk web example, pip install wslink --upgrade should get you wslink 1.1.1 with the fix.

If your are using paraview however, you will need to patch according to wslink according to this diff.
You can find the file to patch at paraview-5.10/lib/python3.9/site-packages/wslink/backends/aiohttp/ and paraview-5.10/lib/python3.9/site-packages/wslink/

I’ve edited my last answer to make it clearer that I was talking about multiple browser sessions collaborating, so they see and control the same data.

I have Paraview 5.8.

Hi Luís,

With paraview 5.8 there should be no trouble.

Sorry, my late answer.

Does happen also in Paraview 5.8. Each time I load the page it doubles the size of OpenGL in GPU (headless).

Each process is independent from each other and therefore, files will be loaded many times (1 per client). If you want to be conservative, you can build a single application that can serve several clients, but that could be tricky to manage.

But it happens with the same browser. If you start in the browser and you reload the browser link the resources doubles. Same browser and same tab, only reload the link with ctrl-R, Firefox.

yes exactly, that is precisely the expected behavior.