Mysterious points found when clipping a Delaunay filtered model

Hi, I have a strange problem that I do not understand why it is happening.

I have a ply file model that I crop to a small section using vtkClipPolyData and vtkPlanes. This is the resulting clipped image:

I then run a vtkDelaunay3D filter on the model to get the following:

Now when I try to cut the model with vtkCutter using vtkPlane as the cut function I get the following cut (coloured in blue):


Notice the mysterious points in the middle area that is not supposed to be there. What is causing this? Thanks


I don’t know if this is the correct solution but I have passed the output of the Delaunay filter to a Geometry filter (vtkGeometryFilter).This seemed to have removed the mysterious points.

My reasoning was that the output of the Delaunay filter gave me unstructured grid data that I think was causing the problems. The vtkGeometryFilter then converted the unstructured data to polygonal type.