Non-rigid mesh registration of lung contour meshes

I have some chest CTs with lung contours labeled. I have generated the contour meshes in 3D slicer and these meshes are in STL format.
I use a mesh simplification algorithm in meshlab to simplify one mesh from these meshes and want this simplified mesh to be a template.
The template mesh has 1000 vertices and generated contour meshes have around 170000 - 200000 vertices.
I want to non-rigid register the template mesh to these meshes with a large number of vertices.
Can VTK do this job in python?

You can do it with vtkThinPlateSplineTransform, check out:

from vedo import *
msh = Mesh('liver.stl')
source = msh.clone().subsample(0.1)
target = source.clone().scale([1.4,0.7,1.4]).shift(0.2,0.1,0.3)
arrows = Arrows(source, target, s=0.3, c='k')
warped = msh.clone().warp(source, target).alpha(0.2)
show(msh, arrows, warped, axes=7)

liver.stl (550.9 KB)