OpenGL2 / Glew error with vtk8.2 in PyCharm


i am facing an issue where i find no adequate help in several online forums.

What i did so far is pretty simpel:
Using PyCharm IDE
Created Conda Python3.7 venv
installed vtk package (8.2.0) via conda, which worked
downloaded the cylinder example from copypasted and just tried to run, getting the following error in a window:

What I tried:
Checked my System for OpenGL version,
which is version 3.1 according to OpenGl extensions viewer

Downloaded and built GLEW via CMake and VSC 2019, which worked as far as i can evaluate

Triedd looking for the file “vtkWin32OpenGLRenderWindow” via cmd Box and dir vtkWin32OpenGLRenderWindow /s /p which had no output.

So at that point i have no idea what to do. As i run an example from the code is clearly not the problem, aswell as the vtk version downloaded via conda.

Does anyone have a suggestion, i cant be the only one having this error when running a vtk script in python