OpenGLRender error

Just trying to run the Cylinder Example and getting this example, I have OpenGL in my site-packages… I’m a python beginer, any idea?


ERROR: In /work/standalone-x64-build/VTK-source/Rendering/OpenGL2/vtkXOpenGLRenderWindow.cxx,
line 273
vtkXOpenGLRenderWindow (0x129a2a0): bad X server connection. DISPLAY=Aborted (core dumped)

Are you running this on a remote machine through ssh? If that is the case, OpenGL has a hard time working through a remote connection.
I recommend using nomachine or virtualgl/turbovnc to connect to the remote machine.


Hi yes exactly, ok I’ll try that,
thank you

I need to istall virtualgl on the server or on my computer?

I would start with nomachine as it is easier to install. The free version is only single user, but I think it has a paid version that is multiuser.

virtualgl/turbovnc is multiuser but it is trickier to install.

For both you’ll have to install parts on both server and client. virtualgl is installed on the server.

What about using Linux inside Windows using VirtualBox would that help?

It depends if VirtualBox is able to use a compatible OpenGL driver (OpenGL 3.2) - a quick search shows me that people have struggled with that and it might not be possible. You could use VTK directly in Windows though - I think this is your best bet, besides using nomachine.