OpenXR 1.1.36 - crash

Did anyone have a chance yet to try the newest version 1.1.36 of OpenXR? The OpenXR tests compile just fine, but when running them, there’s a vtkOutputWindow showing

ERROR: In vtkOpenXRManager.cxx, line 546
(nullptr): Failed to create XR instance. (???????...)

Warning: In vtkOpenXRManager.cxx, line 104
(nullptr): Initialize failed to CreateInstance

ERROR: In vtkOpenXRRenderWindow.cxx, line 118
vtkOpenXRRenderWindow (...): Failed to initialize OpenXRManager

and in the console, the following line is printed over and over:

Error [GENERAL | xrPollEvent | OpenXR-Loader] : No active XrInstance handle.

(and in our own program using OpenXR via VTK, I see the same problem).

The OpenXR loader release notes for that version to me sound like - despite making an updated version 1.1 of OpenXR available - they should be backwards compatible with 1.0:

This is a substantial update to the OpenXR specification. The OpenXR loader in this release supports both OpenXR 1.0 and 1.1, and sample applications such as hello_xr continue to only require OpenXR 1.0.

If I have time I’ll look into this further, but just wanted to know first whether somebody has an idea on this, or maybe is even already working on a fix?

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