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I’m working on a research project of real-time/near real-time flow visualization of large flow field measurements.
I’ve found Kitware members are engaged with the development of Khronos OpenXR standard. Does anyone know, if OpenXR flavors of VTK are planned, so it’s usable with Hololens(2)?

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I am also very interested to know if VTK plan to integrate mixed reality management. It could be a very nice feature.


Have you looked into VTK’s OpenVR interface? It would be great if you could review the existing interface and see what would it take to update it to use OpenXR API.

@ken-martin Have you looked at OpenXR yet?

I’ve looked at OpenXR a while back and eventually we will move to it…but…I don’t think it will give us Hololens support. If I recall correctly I think OpenXR doesn’t require support for all graphics libraries. So one platform can support OpenGL while another doesn’t. Last I heard Hololens was supporting OpenXR, but not the OpenGL backend of OpenXR but that could be old information.

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Hi, I added informations / thought about the support of VTK in the Hololens2 in this post. And it seems that there is no perfect solution … Feel free to add your suggestions / thoughts here!

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