OSPRay 2.0 WIP


I noticed from this discussion here, OSPRay 2.0 & VTK 9.0 ?, that there is a lot of work going into integrating OSPRay 2.0 into VTK. That’s great news! I checked out this branch, built, and compiled some simple examples using this build, but I’m encountering errors. Is this branch expected to be fairly volatile right now, or am I likely skipping a step when building? I select “YES” for RenderingCore and RayTracing in ccmake and leave the rest as default (which works well building master).

Here are the errors I’m seeing:

  1. All examples that I’ve tried (even without OSPRay) render a blank screen. I first thought this might be a problem with how I’m compiling/building, but I compiled against the master branch in the same manner, and everything worked fine.
  2. For examples that do use the OSPRay backend, I see several OSPRay errors reported (all of them having to do with null pointers).