Overlaying Segmented mask with color over Input Vtkimagedata 3D (Dicom series)

Hi all ,
I am working with ITK Segmentation algorithm’s. My input is a Dicom series and I used VtkDicomReader to get the vtkimagedata and then I converted to itkimage(Short, dmension=3) and I used connected threshold region growing algorithm and I am having the segmented output(itk::image<short,3) . I need to give red color to this segmented output and need to overlay this mask over Input data. I have tried different methods … Everywhere it is saying to convert to 2D slice and then to RGBimagetype… Is there any way to give color to 3D segmented output(vtkimagedata) and overlay over the input without any type conversion and loss of information…
Could Anyone please help with this?