Passing a Window handle from a GUI process to a VTK process

I succeded in passing a Window handle (HWD) created in a .Net WPF project to a C++ dll project that references the VTK library. Everything works just fine. All is in one process. Now I am investigating the possibility to pass a HWND to another process (Console application), running on the same Windows machine, with gRPC for interprocess communication. Just passing the HWND doesn’t work, whenever I run an example I get:

vtkOpenGLFramebufferObject.cxx, line 1381 failed at glBlitFramebuffer 1 OpenGL errors detected 0 : (1282) Invalid operation

I wonder If this is possible at least thoretically and if it can be achieved with the current VTK.

That one was solved adding the mesa 3D dll in the output of the VTK rendering process. But then I encountered the next problem: making the window of some process a child window of another process in Windows, means tying the input message queues of the windows together. So each call to the child window in other process can result in deadlock. I tried to call the VTK initialization in another thread and it seemed to work, but still the process hangs when calling vtkWin32OpenGLRenderWindow::SetSize SetWindowPos for example.
So I tried to avoid passing a parent window to VTK and It worked! Now I am showing the VTK process inside the WPF .Net control
I create my VTK process as a Win32 without a main window, so I let VTK library create the vtkWin32OpenGLRenderWindow window without passing a parent. This works but still I have a problem that i am trying to solve: whenever I have an Interactor in VTK I lose the mouse control over the WPF application.

I solved the last issue too. It was just a threading problem not really a mouse capturing issue. I was calling a vtk blocking function from the main thread of the .Net process. Now everything works, I need just to figure out how to send callback events with gRPC from the VTK process.