picking from assembly, vtkaxesactor


I’m developing a visualization for procedural generated meshes and found VTK unstructured mesh to be a convenient way to render the generated meshes. I’m new to VTK and just slowing getting used to the inner workings. I would like now to move the meshes on screened in some constrained way (always along one axis) using the mouse.

Therefore I used a custom interactor class (derived from vtkInteractorStyleTrackballActor) and when a mesh gets selected I place a vtkAxesActor at the meshes position. Now I would like to pick on of the axes and move along.

Using a vtkPropPicker I can get when the vtkAxesActor is clicked but I cannot find a way to figure out wich Axis (cylinder or cone) was clicked. I also tried the MovableAxes example. But I just end up registering the assembly. Iterating the assembly also didn’t help to figure out what was picked.

What would be easiest way to implement such behavior?

Thank you,