Pipeline within a filter: vtkDepthImageToPointCloud

Hi Developers

I had some trouble getting vtkDepthImageToPointCloud to update when the camera is updated. I create instead a homemade vtkSceneSource, which contains a vtkRenderWindow and allow the user to set both a vtkCamera and a vtkRenderer. It works really well and I can use this for simulating what a camera sees in a scene for generating depth images for reconstruction.

I read an old post from David Gobbi (@dgobbi ) that it is very bad to have a pipeline residing inside a filter.


Is this still the case? Just let me know

If it is still the case, I will try to fix vtkDepthImageToPointCloud or the setup that I am using.

Another thing. I have made an vtkImplicitRectangleWidget and a widget inherit from this which allows me to move a camera around in the scene, where I can enable a view of frustum. Do you have any recommendations for doing something similar with what is already available in VTK.

Thanks in advance
Jens Munk

Just a note: my comments in that email were from the perspective of VTK 4. Modern VTK has separated the old SetInput() methods into SetInputConnection() vs. SetInputData(). This means that in modern VTK, it’s easy to control whether or not pipeline request go upstream. And likewise, this means that in modern VTK it’s not unusual to have a pipeline within a filter (though it has to be done correctly, of course!).

I thought so too that it wasn’t relevant anymore. I will try to make use of vtkDepthImageToPointCloud. Thanks David