Plot Point Markers not showing

I am developing a plotting routine using the vtk c# package and have run into an issue that only occurs on certain machines.

My original code successfully was able to show an XY plot with the following (abbreviated) code:

            vtkPlot pts = vtkTools_SN.vtkChartXY_SN.AddPlot(1);
            pts.SetInputData(table, 0, 1);

Originally this had showed a plot with circle markers. However, on some machines, no markers would show. I’ve tried a few things, but the only solution I’ve found is to manually set the markers to the square shape with the following code:


Interestingly, this renders as a plot with circle markers on the machines that had the original issue and as a plot with square markers on the machines that didn’t have the original issue.

Does anyone know what may be causing this discrepancy and if there is any way to have consistency in the plots on a machine to machine basis?