Ploting "infinite" plane

Hi everyone! I have a doubt, currently I’m developing a feature for my application that displays a plane given 3 points, obviously I can’t draw an infinite plane and my solution was a quad cell (3 given points + one after algebraic calculations, all of them are coplanars). I’m seeking for help to plot it in a different/more optimum/usefull way, I tryed using a planesource but it won’t work as it uses 1 point and 2 axis for the plane (maybe it’s just me that I don’t know how to use it). Please help or I’m getting fired!

you have 3 points, so you can make 2 vectors. if you take their cross product, you can get the normal for the plane. this should be enough to use plane source. You could set the center of the plane as the center of the triangle, then set the normal.