plotting grid data on chart scene

Hi all,

I am trying to plot some figures using the vtk bindings in python. My figure is a simple 10 x 10 square grid with colors for each cell of the grid being colored based on an array of 100 values. I was able to achieve this using vtkPlaneSource. However, when I resize the the rendered window, the legend, figure and title start to overlap each other and just ends up looking a mess. I saw an example which has the general behavior that I will like for my application but it was a chart plotting points. I would like to plot a grid data within the chart scene so that my figure retains the axes, legend, titles and also resizes properly. Here is a sample of that I was able to get so far. You can see the legend isn’t sitting right and would get even more poorly positioned when I resize. Thanks in advance


I think you can use two views with the legend in one view and the chart in another. Not sure if this helps: PBR_Skybox. Also possibly a callback to control resizing.

Thanks so much for your suggestion. I looked at the example you suggested and the challenge I am having is that already my plot already had 4 viewports in which figures similar to the one I shared in the initial post are rendered. Based on your suggestion I will probably need to write a function that breaks up each viewport into two sub-viewports. This will result in a total of 8. This may actually work but I would have preferred something like an overlay of a widget which is responsive and will not overlap the plot on resize. Your suggestion is definitely very logical, however, I am thinking that there might be a cleaner and easier way to do this task. Thank you so much.