Possible inconsistency in vtknetcdf?

The VERSION variable in ThirdParty/netcdf/vtknetcdf/CMakeLists.txt is being set to be 4.8.1. However the PACKAGE_VERSION is defined to be “4.5.0”[1]. Is this correct?

[1] https://gitlab.kitware.com/vtk/vtk/-/blob/master/ThirdParty/netcdf/vtknetcdf/CMakeLists.txt#L251

It looks like that variable is just copy/paste and never updated. Our snapshot definitely based on the 4.8.1 tag. I’ll make sure that is updated.

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Fixed in this commit; will be brought in with the next update (which doesn’t seem worth it for this change unless it actually affects something).

I see that ncinfo and nc_inc_libvers will have it, but it seems to be in an HDF5 format comment and a string that would need parsed anyways. That seems low impact enough to ignore until the next update.

Thanks for your investigation. Fair enough to wait for the next update. It never seemed to impact the build and usage in some noticeable way.