Possible to specifiy "format" in vtp file?


Basically what I want is that when I open a file in Paraview, it automatically applies the necessary conditions to render it properly. Currently when I load my file, it displays nothing, and I have to manually select “3D Glyps” --> “2D Glyps” --> “Vertex” etc. to represent it properly as I want. This makes my workflow a bit slower, since I have to spend about 1 minute on each file I open. (I work with small simulations)

So I wondered if it in a vtp file would be possible to add formatting options, which could do that automatically or how do I go about this efficiently? I am aware of states, but they take the same amount of time for me.

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Part_0000.vtp (899.2 KB)

Uploaded example file

You could record a Python trace and save it as a Macro. Then after you load the small file, run the macro to set up the filters you want.

That is of course a solution, but that requires other users to do the same thing etc. Would be nice if it was possible to include a predefined format file, which would be able to use relevant settings.

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Alas, there is no way to specify that sequence of filters in the .vtp file, nor is there a setting to automatically apply a macro, though that’s an interesting feature idea. One click to apply a macro doesn’t seem too onerous, and you can share your macro with others to import on their ParaView installations.

I see. Hope it gets supported in the future.

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