Problems when installing VTK with Qt modules

Hello everybody, this is the first time I ask for help here, first of all, thanks in advance.

Until recently, I have been working with VTK for my end-of-grade work without any problems. All the development with this tool is almost finished and I wanted to get with the program’s graphic interface with the help of Qt, but I’m having problems with the installation of its modules. I leave you a capture of the error in question.

Thanks again

It appears as though you have a broken or partial Qt installation. I’m not sure what would make Qt5Core.lib to not be available though. What does “reduced_version” mean in your path?

Those Qt5Core_DIR, etc. variables should probably be ‘C:\Qt\5.14.2\msvc2017_64\lib\cmake\Qt5Core’ etc. (adjust as necessary for your Qt version and compiler). I think if you have C:\Qt\5.14.2\msvc2017_64\bin (again, adjust as necessary) in your path and before any other Qt-related paths (e.g., C:\Qt\Tools…), cmake will determine these paths correctly with a clean build directory.

Looks like I was using the wrong DIR

Thank you very much