Program crash with vtk 9.1.0

Hi all,

so far I have been working with vtk 8.1.1 and have been able to install and run a (Java) application developed with it on different computers.
Now I wanted to switch to vtk 9.1.0. Using CMake, I made the appropriate settings and then created the DLL’s and Jar files in Visual Studio 2019 (Solution Configuration: Release, x64).
Neither in CMake nor in VS I get error messages, everything seems to run fine.
But on some systems the program does not start with the new vtk data. Unfortunately, an error message is not visible.
All computers are 64bit Windows systems.
Could the GPU’s be a problem?

In the link you can see my cmake settings for vtk 9.1.0. Could I have configured something wrong?
Has anyone had a similar experience?

I am grateful for any hints!

Maybe the file size of the generated data and the number of dll’s can already be a small indication of incompleteness.
My vtk.jar has a size of 3.232 kB and a total of 253 dll files (incl. for the selected modules) were generated.

Is there any precompiled data for Java or someone who wants to share his working vtk 9.1.0 (jar + dll data) here?