Protected Features in VTK

There are some features which are protected and they do not work when used. For example: MoveOrigin() from Plane Widget. It does not work.

  1. What is the reason?
  2. Are there any solutions to use them?

Note: I am not a programmer. Simple answers could be useful.

Python 3.8.6, VTK 8.2 (x64) on Windows 10 (x64).

Protected and private methods are not part of the public API of a class.

There are many reasons for keeping methods away from end users. Usually they are internal helper functions that are simply too low level to be useful to be called by the end user. Sometimes they are not public to keep the interface simpler. Non-public methods also advantageous because library maintainers can change/remove them without worrying about backward compatibility.

VTK widgets have many problems. They are one of the very few parts of VTK that I would not recommend anyone to use.

Anyway, if there are specific methods that you wish were public then let VTK developers know.