pypi vtk on macOS 11 Big Sur

What’s the current status of python vtk installation via pip on the latest macOS (11)? I’m reluctant to upgrade because I’ve heard rumors that it’s not working, and the binary files on pypi do seem a bit old to support it.

Does anyone know if it’s supported, or if not, when the pypi distribution might be updated?

I’m working on getting wheel builds to be part of our CI now (x86_64 only to start; macOS/arm64 support will take a bit longer since we don’t have available hardware to test it right now). Once that is working, I can look at backporting it to the release branch to make new VTK 9 wheels.

FWIW, downloading the wheel manually and renaming it to ...11_0... instead of 10_9 is sufficient to get it to install, and work well enough for what I need, so the problem may be entirely one of recognizing compatible OS versions rather than anything more substantive.