Python Planes Tutorial Error and Resolution

While working through the python “Planes” tutorial, several errors show up in the console and captions do not appear in the render window. I found that adding import vtkmodules.vtkRenderingFreeType resolves the issue. I added it after the first import; I do not know if the import order matters.

The errors were
ERR| vtkOpenGLTextMapper (0x5625d96aaa20): Could not locate vtkTextRenderer object.
ERR| vtkOpenGLTexture (0x5625d96ba060): No scalar values found for texture input!

Part of the solution was found in a Stack Overflow, but not for python, and for a different tutorial.

I am new to VTK, so I do not know where best to direct this.

I’m using python 3.10 and VTK version 9.2.6 (installed today by pip).

Tutorial is at:
Stack Overflow Q&A: Why does VTK give an error "Could not locate vtkTextRenderer object" for the balloon widget example code? - Stack Overflow


Thanks, I’ll look at this tomorrow.

@JimCAmato thanks for spotting this, I have updated the web page.
vtkRenderingFreeType is definitely needed as text is being rendered.


Thank you for making the change so quickly, and for letting me know - It’s nice to know I helped.